A bright light in a dark place for the families of fallen first responders.

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Why FRBA Exists


To serve the families of those who put themselves in harm's way


To be an immediate source of financial and emotional support for the families of fallen First Responders


Loyalty and Responsibility through Generosity

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100% Model

Donating to most nonprofits

The average nonprofit spends nearly 66% of public donations on "overhead expenses" that include salaries, general expenses, and fundraising costs.

What this means

For every $1.00 donated, only $0.34 is actually given to those you intended to help.

Donating to FRBA

We’ve taken a rare approach of ensuring that 100% of the public donations we receive go directly to the needs of a fallen First Responder’s family— none of it goes towards administrative or overhead expenses.

What this means

For every $1.00 donated, a family receives $1.00. It's that simple.

Where does 100% of
your donation go?

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Special Thanks To Our Funding Partner

We're honored to have the First Responder Task Force as our key Funding Partner. They have committed to funding all of our administrative and overhead expenses - making it possible for 100% of the public donations we receive to go directly to serving the families of fallen First Responders.

"Embodying the spirit of the First Responder community, we will endure this unwavering vision to raise enough money to serve every family of a fallen First Responder with financial support, and even then, our work has only begun."

Jenny Hanie, Executive Director of FRBA

Cell: (737) 227-5450  
Email: jhanie@frba.org

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with the FRBA Exectuive Director, Jenny Hanie

Cell: (737) 227-5450  
Email: jhanie@frba.org

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